About US

Worldcareshope is an online website that offers interesting public information on fitness, nutrition healthy living and Supplements in the USA.

We believe that there are many stereotypes and false information about a healthy lifestyle in the USA. Our goal is to raise public awareness and as a result, we believe that the number of people engaged in healthy living and supplements in the USA will increase dramatically.

Our goal is to provide information about supplements to anyone interested in topics that are relevant to this broad field, and the topics are many and varied.

In addition to the information website, anyone on www.worldcareshope.com can purchase individually tailored nutrition rations and exercise programs. Innovative service in the USA We were the first to offer it to the public, the service has been very successful and as a result, hundreds of people have already started living healthily.

Internet Portal www.worldcareshope.com LLC World Care Shope was founded in March 2019. Giorgi Akhverdashvili and professional fitness trainer.